Site attacked by Spammers again?

After participating on the site for over six years I log on to find my account is banned due to SPAM??? WTF?:confused: What the heck is going on with the site guys? Admins…? I know there’s not much HB involvement anymore, but surely you guys know your regular members here right?

Someone obviously got in through the latest filters in the last week or so to post some crap, but apart from that everything seems to be as normal. Can someone email me and explain what the heck is going on.

All I can say is it wasn’t me.

Who’s an admin that can fix it?


^ Good question Kris. Two weeks I’ve tried contacting someone and nada… zip… nothing. I think Tiernan used to keep a check on things but haven’t seen him around here in ages either. It’s no secret that HB hasn’t been actively involved for a while but heck… they still own and run the site. If they don’t want to administer it they should delegate some admins from the regulars.

PM sent to Tiernan, looks like he was online about 16 - 18 hours ago.


might have been something automated that banned your old account. Where is everyone?

Wasn’t me - I’ll check it out.
I’m a mod, not an admin though…

Ban lifted. Sorry, I didn’t check who did it or why. So if another mod has a problem with this, please send me a PM.

DBO: PM sent.


All good again. Thanks mate.