slo bike night gets train horned and Stereo System blasted

I’m just gonna start off that I had the Best Thursday of my life last Thursday! I will be uploading Another edition of Bicycle train horns attack the streets slo bike night edition. I have never got an opportunity to sound my horns on the streets so many times at night than thursday night! (I honked the shockers so much I drained the tank and didn’t get an opportunity to air them up, I will be solving the air issue next month. So the rest of the night I was the DJ for music!) I was also interviewed by the local TV station so I will be on the news about my bicycle and slo bike night! I will be posting the video up once my internet threshold goes down below 70% its at 73% right now so it might be a couple days or so.

You da man! Looking forward to videos!

Our Insane super hero is going to be on TV? How totally cool!:smiley:

I had people asking me for business cards left and right. Might have some printed. :smiley:

Alright, I have the video posted on the Horn Videos Thread!! check it out!