Smart car install???

Hey chaps, I have a customer who wants me to install a set of shockers on a Smart car. I did a little search on here and found one guy who had done it “Tiny car. huge noise” by Ripcord, or something the thread was called. Has anyone seen any others on here? I need some install ideas:confused:

Next weekend I’m doing a set of Shockers on a Lexus LS400:D

His was the only one i remembered did you watch his video showing where his horns were mounted?

Wicked & groovy, cheers matey:D

It is rumoured that their is a Smart car with K3’s running around over there somewhere?

Smart cars scare me because even with high crash test ratings you’re still the crumple zone.

:DThey dont go fast enough to crash lol lol:D this one is owned by a 19yr old and is fitted with a magic box that emails back all details of how the car is being driven and what times the car is driven - normally not after 11pm - This info is emailed back to the insurance company - three strikes & your out policy:eek: