SMC solenoid vs Wolo

I just received my new 1/4" SMC solenoid today from HB. Just comparing the size difference, this things a monster compared to the Wolo. In weight, I believe I could kill someone with this, if thrown. The Wolo feels about as heavy as a golf ball, while the SMC feels like a 50 round box of 22 long rifle. I needed to order some fittings in order to install it. Will let you know if that cures my volume problem.

I have the 1/2 airlift solenoid (Thanks agian Matt) i almost poop my pants when i saw it

LOLOL its censored it said poop

Wow, Censorship, But It will be a noticeable difference.

smc rules…i have all 1/2 in poop…lol

Well poopy, tha new solenoid made a little difference. I guess I’m used to my old horns that were a little higher pitched, I believe these are louder, but, with more of a baritone, and they actually sound like a train. My next investment will be tha Nathans.

poop told you. ******* not calling you an ******* just want to see what shows up. poop honk