snow and salt in S4?

im in chicago and im sure winter will be rough again, what will happen if the salty water and/or snow gets in there? will it rust or deteriorate the lines?


HB Conductor special horns are actually marine style horns. Salt and water won’t hurt them.

thats good to hear, i no that water doesnt hurt because its been raining alot here.

i was just woried about salty water freezing and snow.

BTW is it bad if they get submerged in water?

I’m not sure what will happen if you submerged them in water. Nathan K horns have a small drain hole behind the back caps on the power chamber to drain any water they may injest while in the rain, granted you mount them right side up; mine are upside down. Not sure on the site since I’ve never seen one up close and personal.

i dont think they have them. thanks for your help:)

No worries. It’s actually spelled ‘Really Great horn’. Go on their website and ask them about the submersion. I think it’s “Really Great Horn air”.

thanks again ill call them tomorrow and ask

i personally think they can handle the abuse.

i wouldnt leave the salt on them tho… im not gonna drive my avalanche in the winter cuz of the salt…

luckily i dont have the sale problem

u mean salt

that too

stainless steel so you will be ok just wash them off time to time.
i think it will be harder on the truck then the horns

thanks for the replies, i called them and they said it wont affect them at all. i also wanted to know if they got submerged in water. they said it would be fine as long as i just blasted them when i got out.:slight_smile: