So Everybody eats....

some just make tastier food… as for me, I can cook or should I say grill lol however, I cant really cook anything else… except pasta. So anyway, lets get a recipe thread going… I need ideas for something easy and good to make.

Thanks :cool:

uhhhh… okie dokie Mr. Martha Stewart

Im hungry and sick of peanut butter sandwiches haha

lol you could start a thread for ways to doctor up raman noodles.

A great way to doctor up Ramen noodles is just to get a Nong Shim Udon bowl.

End of story.


Get a box of Kraft Deluxe macaroni & cheese and a can of chili. Cook the noodles, add the cheese sause mix well and add the chili…Voila - chili mac.

^ Ill have to try that! lol