So I hit a freezer on I-4 (pix and dash cam footage)

Not much I could do to avoid it :frowning:

(FF to 0:50 for the hit and 2:40 for slo-mo)

Cruiser meets Freezer - YouTube

Adjuster coming to take a look at her tomorrow…

OMG!!! The main thing is your ok, that could have been far worse!!!

Cool video mate:D! …(sorry for the poor pun!!! lol)

I would have expected more damage. Glad you’re alright and kept a cool head. Haha

Bet you wished you were driving the gadget mobile.

sucks, but at least it wasnt worse.

Wow I am really surprised it didn’t do more. Good thing nobody was hurt.
Its funny how people think that they wont blow off but I’ve pulled brand-new fridges and freezers out of ditches for scrap lol.

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Thats crazy!! Glad you are alright. Surprised it didn’t do more damage than it did.