so i just got pulled over about 20 min ago

so i just got pulled over about 20 min ago 9:55 PM on 22 and haze on my way home from work
he got my license and registration, then gave them back to me then said he would mail me the ticket, he has a call.
this ever happen to anyone on here?

um did u ask why he pulled u over?? lol

As far as I know, you have to SIGN the citation… Otherwise, its not binding. -Especially if you’re not 100% certain of your proposed infraction.

I didnt have to sign my citation? he just said to go to the courthouse by a certain day to pay it. but i don’t see how he could just say he is mailing it to you… seems weird imo

Toll violations are not signed.

if u never get a ticket in the mail then ur good…

When you use the toll road, you agree to be bound by the limitations and restrictions on said road. Toll roads are typically private roads and thoroughfares. Basically private property.