So long 2003 Tundra:

I sold my 2003 Tundra that had a dual 2.5 gallon onboard air system on it, as well as a Shocker S-4 kit on it. The system and horns worked flawlessly for seven years and I hope that the new owner will get many years of use out of the system.

Thanks Matt, Rigo & everyone at Hornblasters for making this vehicle command attention while it was in my care.

Now I need to think about if the new beast needs those K5LAs I’ve been hoarding forever… lol

This photo was taken the weekend before I sold her. I guess I shouldn’t have detailed her so well. So long sweetheart, you were the best truck I’ve ever had (out of oh so many).

Viair needs a new demo truck with a K5 anyway, don’t they/you?

Ditto, dude. Ditto.

Well, there’s certainly enough room:

Its freaking huge!

^ I approve that post

Nice upgrade!!!

May this one give you as many good years as the last one did!

I had a 2007 Tundra before my TB/SS…definitely tons of room and an easy power supply in the spare wheel well. :slight_smile:

NICE ride Lance!!!

Why is everything so bloody big in America lol, over here almost everyone drives a Mercedes Smart car! (except me) I guess it comes back down to fuel prices again?

Lance, you get the K5 on yet? :slight_smile:

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