so what'll fit on my 01' Mitsubishi Eclipse?

I think I know what I want. I want to make my own kit. I am lookin at maybe a Nathan k3la or k5la. The problem is that…well…I dont have a truck bed or anything. I am going to sell my 2 12" kickers to make room in my trunk and fatten up the bank a little so I can buy the stuff. I just really dont know much about the train horns. I dont know if a nathan would fit under my engine or whatnot. I think their is enough room for a decent sized tank in my trunk. I have no welding experience nor am I a handyman. Also, once I buy a horn, how will I buy the rest of the setup? Do people sell just the tank and wires? Or will I need to buy a tank, and buy the wires seperately?

Any help is appreciated. Also, what SHOULD I get for my car? I mean what would sound good for my car? And what should be the smallest tank to fuel the behemoth horns?

So many questions…hope I didnt fry your brain :eek:

P.S I am still in high school (18) and have limited money. I work my sack off at pizza hut though, and am saving up for one. Right now I have around $500, and I think if i sell the things I want to sell I could get around $1,100 easily be next month.

it will take some serious fab work to fit k5s or k3s on your car. not to mention the shockers are still a very loud horn. i would get some shockers and try to find a spot to squeez them in. go to the car install section on and look at some of the various installs that should give u a good idea as to what kind of work ur looking at. pm garret on here and he can give u prices on everything you will need for the setup. u need alot more tan just wires and a tank.

here is one Train Horn on Mitsubishi Compact Car

I would go with the shockers. they are separated so you can really put them anywhere. as for tank size, I personally wouldnt go lower than a 2 gallon for the shockers… If you were going for the K series then you would need much more air. idk its up to you

dang…I’m really set on getting a real train horn. Im a go big or go home kind of guy

just remember that you dont have to get a nathan. Hornblasters has everything you need even if its not on the site and its train horn related, they will probably have it. The negatives outweigh the pros in your situation. You said you were 18 and on a limited budget, why dont you just settle with the s4? the price, size, not on a single manifold are perfect. I’m 20 and i cant justify spending $600 for a train horn…that money would go to other things that i need more…just my 2 cents

ok…so you have the S4’s? Does it still scare people? I have yet to see a video of the S4’s scaring people. Thats all I really want it for : )

you must not have seen version7s videos! He runs 2 sets of s4s

my s4

so I mean…can you scare people on the side of the road with those?

dude u will scare the piss out of people with the shockers on an eclipse. the shockers are prolly the closest thing to the k series. and u can get the best deal on them. not to mention a lifetime warrenty. hit up garrett on here and he will hook u up man. if you are clearing out ur trunk why not go with the 5 gal tank and a 380. i guarentee u wont be dissapointed with that setup. dont underestimate the shockers they are kics donkey

Aight. I might these for $350 used of course. Is that a good deal?

the link isnt working for me… but yea i scare people all the time with my shockers, i believe for being on the forum you get 10% off

yea dude just pm garrett and he can give u a list of anything used with prices for the whole set up. and mention u are a forum member and get 10% off ur stuff. u cant go wrong with the shockers. especially on an eclipse. alot of guys with big trucks even have the shockers

yep found the pics

hey i have 2 galon tank and a compressor reeady to go with any s4 horns …pm me if ur intrested

Hehe men i got two set of S4 and that poop is laud not now that i have two sets before i only got one and i scare the poop out of everyone running them at 200psi with a 5 gallon air tank lol. So i will go with the S4 for sure!

Thanks man I did

Yeah well its the S4s. the 499 ones. The guy is sellin them for 350

who did u order from? and get some pics up after ur install

I havent bought from him yet but its from some guy on the forums

What is the setup… Tank size, which compressor??