so who wants to go back to high school now....haha,2933,480089,00.html

whoooooo whoooooooooo :cool:

lol thats funny. one of my buddies slept with one of his college professors. got an A in the class too

Are we going back as Students or Teachers?? :slight_smile: :wink:


im so down i had some hot teachers back in the day

That’s the way it should be! haha

x2 :slight_smile:

maybe if I had graduated maybe 5 yrs ago or so but 40yrs ago, no thanks cause they weren’t hot in my day ! LOL:D:D

I can’t recall her name right now but fairly recently there was a smoldering hot blond haired, blue eyed teacher who was doing one of her students, and, if I recall, we’re talking about a kid who was in jr. high. Of course, it’s just wrong. Still … a part of me thinks ‘way to go, kid!’

its cool as long as the teacher is female and student is male… lol but it makes me mad when the dude teachers take advantage of the younger girls!..i know im being kinda partial!

haha…im goin back as a teacher…and honk the 18yr old girls! sweet!

I miss the smokin hot girls and those nice long summer vacations, but about going back, “If I only knew then what I know now”…lol.


In fact, that would be a good topic for a new thread under “Off Topic”… knowing what you do now, if you could “go back” to high school and do some things differently, what would you change?


Did anyone else see the South Park where Ike bangs his teacher?