Solenoid Air Valve Problems

After realizing my solenoid wasn’t opening I took the 4 small screws off of the housing. Doing this under my truck, the internal pieces of the solenoid fell off and are not in order anymore. Does anybody have an exploded view diagram for putting these back together properly?

Within the housing was the solenoid coil, a brass cylinder, a silver cylinder, a brass washer, two rubber rings (diff sizes), and a hollow cylinder (brass). Any help is much appreciated.

This is off of a three horn set-up. The Valve looks like this.

That sucks. I can’t help you other than - is there a brand name or model number on the valve? I could help search online for a diagram…

Maybe call Hornblasters if you bought it from them.
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No brand name/model number. Hornblasters couldn’t help because they don’t manufacture the valves (makes sense). They suggested the forums. Thank you for the welcome.

which horns do you have?

I have one of Hornblaster’s three horn chrome kits. Not sure exactly what they were called. Its been years since my purchase.

You could forgo the attached solenoid on the horn. get a male NPT to compression fitting or a push to lock fitting or barbed. run a length of airline and install a new solenoid where ever you want.

Good Luck,

Thank you John. That is a good idea. With my small tank, will this remote solenoid change the tone of my horns due to the distance from the horn inlet?

Might get a slight delay but should be ok. but you could still get the solenoid near the horn still. and would be like how you had it.