solenoid fitting leaking

i recently notcied that my solenoid fitting was leaking, so i bought a new one.
i went to hook everything back up with the new fitting and the new one leaks as well!
i dont know what to do, ive made sure the fitting is tightly scewed in, ive made sure the hose going into the fitting is flush and straight. also ive made sure the hose is pushed all the way inside the fitting. what could be wrong??

Is it leaking where the hose pushes into the fitting? If so, try cutting a small piece off the hose end. Those push in fittings can wear a bit of a groove into the outer hose and once there, they’ll never seal properly.

If it’s leaking on the thread, then get some thread sealant like Loctite 545.

Its the furst time the hose was put into the fitting, u just got the fitting shipped to me today.
Its not leaking from the threa or the pushing part. there is a plastic black ring between the two and it seems to be where its coming from. but th
e fitting is BRANDD NEWW

What type of “hose”? Is it the semi-rigid plastic tubing? Did you buy it at the same time as the fittings?

Welcome, can you post a picture?