solenoid help

Hey guys I am a newb and I need some help. I installed my horns (horn blasters shocker kit) everything went beautifully wired up everything and got compressor on and went up the street to test and hit the separate button I installed and nothing. I switch wires behind the button and nothing. I go to the solenoid and have my cousin push the button and no click. The only thing I can think is that the wires on the solenoid need to be switched from ground to positive and positive to ground or do those wires not matter? Everything else looks on point. The switch is hooked up to the same hot wire the compressor is hooked up to so it has to be getting power. And the ground is connected to the frame. Thanks for reading.

Is the ground attached to bare metal? I don’t think it matters which wire is ground, but if they are different colors, put the black to ground and the red to positive.

You could check to see if your button is bad by taking off the 2 wires and touching them directly. There is also a chance that the solenoid is stuck.

Welcome to the forums. What kind of vehicle & where did you put the tank & horns?

Both wires are the same and gray that’s what is confusing me. I am gonna fiddle with the ground more because now that you mention it I think the area on the chasis should be a bit cleaner and more bare metal if that fail I will try switching the wires . Thank you for your thoughts I have a diesel f 250 with the compressor in the bed and horns above my rear differential tucked safe up near the bed

Hey, its a valve, there isnt a + or negative. check your connections and your grounds.

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I had the same problem. It was the ground. Clean up a spot real good on the frame and that should do it.

Ok guys thanks for the suggestions. I tried cleaning the area and put it back together, went for a test run and nothing. So I broke out the tester and tested the hot wire to the switch and got nothing. Where I went wrong was I tapped into the compressor hot wire with one of those splitter things and for some reason it did not work so I did another direct wire to the battery and scared the crap out of myself thinking it wouldn’t work but luckily it did. So its a success. Now i just have to stop my buddies from pressing the button.

I wish I could’ve seen your face when that horn went off hahahah! Glad you
Got it bro

Scaring yourself is always the best. ive done it a couple times haha.

It sucks scaring yourself - you have to look around to see who all was watching.

Yeah it doesn’t help that I’m under the hood tightening stuff and I had my buddies scaring me with my own horn.

^^ you def owe them one-