Solenoid Valve issues

I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue that has arisen with my valve?

I recently had a new compressor installed with my set-up. A Virair 4XX model. Before, I was able to activate my air horn from it’s switch (a separate one on the dashboard), but now I’m not getting anything. The shop that did the install thinks that the valve won’t open because there is too much pressure. I’m sceptical though, because the valve is rated to 217 psi. And even while the tank is filling at a low PSI I’m still not getting anything. Do I have a defective valve or is not getting electricity any more?

Or is it something else completely?

Any suggestions would be great.

My system consists of:
-Virair 4XX (don’t remember the exact model no.) compressor
-2.5/3 gallon air tank
-SMC 1/4" 12VDC solenoid air valve (installed within 2 feet of both the tank and air chime)
-Nathan P3 air chime
-Pressure capacity is 150 psi, though the switch currently installed is 90/120 (I have a 110/145 that I would like to install)



do u hear the valve click when u push button? if not you have no power… Check your ground and power wire.

Your switch might be defective to. if any doubt , run a new ground , and run a wire directly from batt. if it still dosent work, your valve may be defective.

Agreed… run a feed to the solinoid direct from the battery.

Thanks for the suggestions. The valve is already directly running to the battery. I did notice, however, that black plastic housing on the valve, indicates that the valve is 24VDC. This seems weird though, since I ordered it from; Would this make a difference, especially considering it was working before the new compressor/wire installation?


But does it click when connected to the battery? If you have a spare battery, wire the batterys in Series (disconnect everything else on the vehicle) Place the two batterys next to each other… Then put a wire between the positive + on one of the batterys to the Neg -of the other battery, now connect your solinoid between the other two terminals. Just like this.

you Now have 24v’s, put the wires to your solinoid on the other + & - terminals, it should now click.

Only 1 12V battery. Seems like a 24V solenoid could be an issue? There is no clicking. However it used to work, before the compressor was changed out.
Will a 24V solenoid work on a 12v system? According to the mechanics, the valve is getting power.

it should work but would be lazy to operate…

it will only work under low pressure. it doesnt have enough power to open fully or at all with to much pressure behind it.

I kinda think you’ve answered your own question…Order up a 12v one from Hornblasters & then problem solved dude!:smiley:

actually it’s amazing that solenoid closed with only 12V.

Thanks for the tips. I went ahead and ordered the 12V version. Should arrive tomorrow. I’ll report the results. Its been a long drawn out process (with installation work from two different garages… neither doing a ‘complete’ job fixing all the issues) but hopefully I’ll have it working soon.

"it will only work under low pressure. it doesnt have enough power to open fully or at all with to much pressure behind it. "

Whatever the deciding factors are in the relays and other circuitry, the 24V valve must be the ‘least important’, as even when the tank is near empty (with the compressor running), it doesn’t click/open at all.

Okay, installed the 12V version and its sort of working. Wiring is direct to the battery. I’m wondering if the battery’s health is affecting the horn? Its 4-5 years old, and I know it will need to be replaced soon. (I’ve been told when I’ve gotten routine service). Will a new battery make a difference?

IF the battery is very low then yes it will make a difference