Solenoid valve problem with Shocker 228vx Kit

Ive completely installed my shocker kit into my ford ranger yesterday and everything’s wired up. The compressor works perfect and there is not a leak in the entire plumbing system.

My problem is the solenoid. It wont open or close at all. heres the wiring flow chart that I used to wire the solenoid up…

Positive Battery terminal>>toggle with green indicator LED>>solenoid>>Ground to black terminal on batt.

The LED on the toggle lights up when I turn it on but I never hear the solenoid clicking open or closed and the horns never sound. Anybody know what the problem is?? Thanks- Kevin

okay so wire 1 should be ground

wire 2 should go thru a 5 amp fuse to battery

you have a button that lights up? read the back of the case that says whats the load and whats the light pin, you must have them switched.

Yeah, the compressor has the fuse that came with the kit installed on that circuit and the solenoid does not have a fuse because well none came with it.

You think it could be the toggle leads are backwards?

I switched the wires on the valve it self to see if I had confused them, but when I switched pos and neg the LED on the toggle no longer came onso I switched them back. As far as I know, if the led is coming on its making a complete circuit, thus power should be running through when the LED illuminates.


grounded valve


the other wire goes to the switch

then from the other lead on the switch needs to go thru a 5 amp fuse to the battery.

it just sounds like you might got some wires switched, i dont know how to wire the led switches so maybe just wait for someone that does. sorry.

Would it for sure not work without a 5 amp fuse? I know it should be in place but would it make the solenoid act the way it is?

The fuse shouldn’t make a difference, that’s only to protect the solenoid. Try grounding the solenoid to the frame not the battery.

Alright, I bought a 5 amp fuse and im installing that right now, then I’ll switch the ground to the frame. We’ll see what that does…

Still nothing… hmmm. Could it be that the solenoid is mounted directly to the frame and is shorting out before the power can get to the valve inside? farfetched but I did mont it upright to an existing set of holes on the frame.

ahhh, this is sooo frustrating. I just want to go honk my horn in the tunnel, is that too much to ask?

ok, I installed a 5 amp fuse in the Solenoid circuit, replaced the wire that went from the toggle to the valve, and replaced the ground wire from the valve, in addition to trying to ground the valve on the frame and the battery. I would imagine that the sound of the solenoid would be loud enough for me to hear such as my stock horn’s solenoid… I might just sell this peice of junk or return it.

OMG OMG OMG I figured it out!!!

I bought an aftermarket toggle swith and push button and the toggle switch w/LED was an alternating current switch, therefore going straight off the battery wasnt an option, I would have had to go off teh alternator. Thanks you guys for the help! I just hear the horn for the first time and its beautiful!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Ah yes that makes sense. Glad you figured it out! Congrats!