Solenoid Won't Close

For some reason when ever you press the button the solenoid stays open till the tank runs out of air. At first I thought it was a stick button so I pressed it and disconnected the electrical from the solenoid but that didn’t do anything, it just kept beeping. Anyone know how to fix this I just installed it today. I’m going to call tomorrow. For now I’ll have to just beep at people with this thing running the whole time.

This is what I got:

change to a smc or airlift valve… the one that comes with that kit is garbage…
take it out and clean it until u get a new one in…

Yeah what scaredu said lol (had to edit this, didn’t see he had answered before me)

before ya throw the valve to the round file try spraying a litle wd40 down the barrel of the piping.might have some grit minor corrosion on the slide. may be able to free it up.:cool:

The WD-40 didn’t work I sprayed it down both sides, but would this one work. It’s the 1/4 version.

yes that one will work great

yes that would work… thats the one i suggested to u in the first post

i have the 1/2 airlift valve and love it

I know it was the original one you sugested, but wasn’t sure if 1/4 was the right size. I will order ir now.

yea the 1/4 will work perfect…i had the same problem with the electric valve that comes with the kit and ended up replacing it with a smc and it worked perfect after that

Ordered thanks guys…Just sucks because my air line get tangled when I screw off the lines from the valve.

undo the compression fitting first b4 the reducer / fitting on valve…

The problem with the valve now i would bet is the diaphragm has a hole in it or a crack… as soon as the back pressure goes out the valve stays open. had this happen to me twice… one time during the middle of the day, valve opened by itself and stayed open , emptying tank, scaring the crap outta me. lol

good luck

[b]just got a call from my buddy @ toyota i gave him 1/2 of my old horn kit and delivered the solenoid valve so he could get the horn set-up working. well… he calls me up to say he’s deaf now cause the valve I gave him stuck open and drained the 5 gallon tank with the horn blasting for more than 8 secs. any suggestions. don’t have 50.00 for a smc valve either.

Get a replacement diaphragm for the valve… might have to call up the manufacturer

hey thanks for the info!:smiley:
price is not 1/2 bad add if you call or email they can get any valve part