some k3la in a mall parking garage and some tunnels

my friends and I went out for dinner at the southcenter mall but the cheesecake factory was full so on our way out we made a fashionable exit out of the parking garage, which in turn pissed off a few people who called the cops. They missed us though because we got the hell out of there, the other two shots are from I5 in downtown Seattle where we had fun anywhere we could find a bridge or tunnel.

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bahahaha nothing but pure awesome!

LOL i like the pull thingy u got there

hehe, it makes me feel like im drivin a train or something lol.

thats cool…howd u do that?

ohh, its connected to a grahm white horn valve like this:

and since the horn is mounted on my roof i just have it attached to a piece of pipe right out of the horn…

ohh i seee

haha i love inside tunnels and parking garages.always a good blast!

Is that a taxi meter on your dash

aha, i wish, then i could charge my friends $$$ when they are with me lol.

no its a motorola radio for amateur radio and listening to the railroads


thats cool where did u get that?


whats it called lol

oh lol,

its an 110watt VHF Motorola Spectra with a remote mounted A9 Head… you can usually pick one up for about 200 bucks

ive got a handheld police scanner i like to listen to when i drive around even though its illegal as hell lol

i want a police scanner!

I always loved blasting in parking garages

what happends if a cop catches u with a police scaner?

police scanners are only illigal in some states, and if you are a ham radio operator then it isnt illigal to have one in your car… my buddy is a ham in Minnesota where it is illigal to have a scanner in your car, but he is a ham and keeps a copy of the law in his glovebox, so whenever he gets pulled over he purposely puts his radio on the cop channel and turns it up and then when they question him he shows his ham license and a copy of the law and they cant do anything except grumble lol

Hey, another ham operator lol. I have my General Class license.