Some pics from my RS3 restore

Well I’m kind-of done. I finished painting the RS3 today and the only thing left would be to possibly give it a clear coat once everything has settled in a bit. She was a bit beat up (especially the 25 bell which had a split crease in it) but everything came up pretty nice.

Here’s how it started:

… and here’s how she looks now. Check out the gallery hereif you want to see more of the album.

Nice one DB! Looking sweet mate :):D:D

Awesome horns and sweet angles with the pictures!!

Nice job, they look great!

Looking nice mate, good job.

So, If I sent my K5LA down to you could you make it look as good as that?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Uhmmm… yeah sure - right after I set up Hornrestorations Down-under :smiley:

That’s got a nice ring to it. Do I sense that you are only half-kidding? lol

Haha … hmmm, now you got me thinking E2E - could be a nice retirement gig if it weren’t for a lack of customers. I’m still waiting to come across anyone local who hasn’t thought I’m as mad as a bag of Fruitloops for collecting train horns.

Beautiful restoration. Great job, cool color scheme.