Some recent pics of the truck's new look

I went home for the weekend so I thought I’d take advantage of the driveway and properly show off the new look for the truck :smiley:

And I finally got a bedliner: Line-X Xtra

And I’ll finish it off with some shots of my dad’s Sierra C3

that truck looks hot bro nice ride!!!

Thats a nice GMC!!!

Me thinking maybe the next ride I get might me a 4 x 4, big Jap thing… I can still be on Jap forums over here & have bigger HORNS!!!, me thinking now!:wink:

The cady wheels are bad ass man. DONT PAINT THEM BLACK! haha looks good tho. nice looking truck

Haha don’t worry man I’ll be keeping them chrome for sure.

yeah keep them chrome don’t paint them black!

NICE…Just clear the headlights an you’ll be set!