Somebody just blew train horns in Vancouver Washington state

Someone just blew their horn on 138th ave and 18th st in vancouver wa, maybe 20 minutes ago. The stop lights are out. Will you read this? Doubt it.

There should be a missed connections section on this site!

I’d like to say it was me as i did make some noise 4ish hrs ago but dont think even the mighty k5’s can travel that far :cool::smiley:

Cant say it was me, even though I am just 1 state over from you (CA). lol

Haha this is like “missed connections” on Craigslist. LOL

It was me

Oh Sure…:slight_smile:

Noooo it was me!:wink:

Stinky ole boy, I will ask this at a distance so as not to smell you .I request some info on the remote for your horns. Is it a simple as the cheap ones on ebay?/ Could you give me some info .part numbers, ebay site or where or what to google to find this weapon.
Thanks for your time.

K horns, leslies 1 P primes,Lathe mill tuning meter and no time to play with all of it???:(:(:frowning:

Pm sent;)

We Do need a “Missed connections here” Mr Danwat. I was in paso robles having the window tint taken off my Honda today, and someone blew a shocker horn a couple times right out side the place.


Check out his thread on the long range remotes I found: