Someone else's horn story

So i was jogging in Wesley Chapel the other day and got train horned by someone in a Ford-looking dark green truck with a bunch of white decals or stickers on the back window. Sounded like they had some Conductor Shocker set. YOU JUST WAIT! ill get you back…some day… with double what i heardmuahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh yeah, the Bu-ells don’t even compare to a Nathan and ESPECIALLY not a Leslie!

uh oohhh! Honduhh’s on a mission…

lol!! hahahaha!! You got Train horned!!! ROFL!!!

How did you react?

Haha! Yeah, the standard shoulder rise / head duck? lmao

Fortunately i had headphones on that were pretty loud. i did jerk a little and looked over at them immediately but they were already passing. So, i didn’t get a look at his/her face. Prob a ‘he’.
I’m glad they didn’t have a nathan or a leslie tho hahaha, because im sure i’d freak out more.