Sound problems

New here, just finished installing my k5la and I have remotely installed each horn like RTH has the remote mounting kit except I made my own brackets. I ran all 1/2 inch air line and push fittings along with 10 gallons of air and 2 compressors.

Long story short my horns don’t seem to be loud compaired to what they should sound like. Any suggestions?

If it’s an airflow issue, you’ll have to find the restriction. What size port in your tank, what size airline, valve, splitter manifold, and individual airlines to the bells.

You didn’t install them in an enclosed trunk, did you? Haha

Everything is 1/2". Manifold, fittings, tank ports, valve etc…
Going to look for possible air leaks tomorrow. I’m just not getting that loud sound. I did make gaskets for between the horn mounts and riser block which maybe could be causing the problem. Does it matter how long the air line is to the horns because they vary in length. Thanks

If the individual lines going to each bell are also 1/2", the length shouldn’t matter too much.

It might not be a bad idea to look for leaks in the system after the valve. Get yourself some soapy water and some earplugs. You’ll have to look for bubbles while blowing the horn.

If the gaskets are leaking down between the horn and the solenoid, it will cause it to sound weak at first.

Had the same problem with the setup on my daily beater.

I have a K3 with RTH mounts

The 2 and 4A bells are mounted in the front fenders and the 1 bell mounted next to a 3 gallon tank out back.

I have a single 1/2 line feeding a manifold that splits into two separate 3/8" noids (one feedings the 2 bell, the other feeding the 4A)

For the 1 bell, I had a 1/2" noid feeding the 1 bell, but it was bleeding down between the horn and the noid (later found out the noid had a crack from when I put it on a vise to install the fittings)

Anyways, whenever I gave it a toot, the 2 and 4A bells would sound off instantly, but the 1 bell had a delay because the noid had to fill the 1/2" line before it could sound off…

By the time that happened, the small tank would have already dropped enough pressure to make a difference in sound when compared to the K3 I have in my Land Cruiser using a single 3/4 noid feeding all three horns from a manifold block.

I even tried moving the same leaky noid closer to the #1 bell, but it still had a delay.

After swapping out the noid for one that doesn’t leak down, there’s an instant blast all around :cool:

If the problem really is unique to the horn then it could require quite a specialist to fix. It might be helpful to know more about the horn.