Source for parts for Nathan M3?

I am about to pull the trigger on an M3 for use on my boat. I figure I may be having above average parts replacement needs given it will see some sea service. I want to make sure I can source replacement diaphragms or other parts should the need arise. IS there a good website that carries M3 parts? Or should I go with a more common set? I like the M3 for its deeper note for boat use.

I think K horn parts are more readily available than M horn parts.

Yeah I was afraid that would be the answer, but I don’t want something I can’t fix especially considering the extra wear and tear I expect on the water.

If you are concerned about wear and tear, or possible repairs, a K3 or a K5 horn is the way to go. 2 diaphragm disks and a cushion ring in each bell. Very easy to work on and maintain.

I’d recommend the K series for what you want to do … the M series are more of a collectors item due to their age.

If you’re looking for a different sound, then maybe a Leslie RS3-L or RS5-T would be a better choice.


Definitely a K series or even a P series Airchime. Stay away from the Leslies for marine use. They have a very sensitive diaphragm rubber that’s moulded to the disk, plus they have very small holes in the interior pipeways. That stuff would get crusted up in no time in a high salt environment I reckon.