Is there any way to add something to the register process which would stop these bots from spamming the board?

Either something like adding a photo of a set of letters/numbers and you have to type it as its shown, or making them create an intro thread before they can do anything else such as PMs and what not…

idk how hard that would be, but I just know that I along with a lot of others are getting spamed and its quite annoying. Thats all, just a suggestion.


Patrick Twist

Thanks Tiernan. The ban hammer is going to get some rest. lol

No problem. Lets hope they’re gone for good!

just has one i banned a little while ago…

I just banned and deleted one today as well!..

Hey guys, just to let you know I’ve just deleted another spam post.

Kill them… kill them all…

Seriously though, I swear as soon as we stop the automated attacks they’re just gonna hire some poor underprivileged citizens of who-knows-where to start spamming. =/