Spare tire mount???

How many people have their NATHANS OR LESLIES mounted, or have had them mounted, where the spare tire went. This is the only place available for me to mount my Leslie RS5t’s. (They do fit)

Has anyone had any problems with debris or anything else having them under there???
I do not want to use the covers, although I have some.

I’ve had my k3, my kahlenberg d3 and my airsetup mounted there before
plenty of room on a full size truck

I welded in a plate on the spare tire carrier to mount it to…

and those welds held?!?! :eek:

lol yes they held and no i myself did not weld it lol

lol id be scared to mount anything to that

what would be the best way to mount the k3la’s under there without welding?? sorry to jump in

unless you have something to bolt it to its not a good idea…

No problems with dirt or anything getting up in the power chambers??? Mounting it wont be hard for me… I got plenty of room. Just concered about the horn being under there…

Ya I was also wondering about the debri what’s the best way to face them, twords the front or pointed to the back

i’ve had two K3s and now my K5 mounted where the spare tire was… I just put a steel plate that runs from one frame rail to the other, and mounted my horns to that. I had one K3 facing the front and the other toward the back. now the K5 is facing the side. I never had any problems with either way. I’d say it is safer to point them to the rear unless you buy covers for them. I think its 49.99 for a set from hornblasters for the K3. I’m trying to find room to put one of the K3s back on. :slight_smile:

Mine are mounted where the spare tires goes mounted facing to the passenger side.

On a 04 F-250 Crew cab.

^^^ Sweet… got any more pics of install???

I have my Leslie mounted where the spare goes and I wish I could put it underneath somewhere else. All three face forward. I almost had it figured out up behind the transfer case beside the driveline but didn’t have anything easy to make a mount out of at the time. it was only going to clear the frame and driveshaft by around 1/2" each. I guess I chickened out. Sure would like to find a way to seperate the bells on their own mounts so I could stagger them out a little. I have RS-3-L’s. Any idea’s guys? Thanks Mark

I’ll try to dig some up.

Thats where I put em… thanks