Speaker pop when compressor shuts off

For some reason, every time my compressor stops, I get a loud pop through my dash speakers. At first I thought a rock hit my windshield! I do have a 5ch amp installed. Any ideas on how to stop this issue?

Add a battery and a cap to help stabilize your DC current. Sounds like it might be dumping the extra amperage to the electrical system after being overloaded.


I already have a new AGM battery and cap. Plus, the stock alternator is 200 amps.

The +12v for the compressor is connected directly to the Rockford Fosgate 1 farad cap. I did try connecting it other places and the pop didnt change.

Others have posted that the issue is probably negative voltage caused by the pressure switch relay, or having the remote wire tapped from the amp remote wire.

Ill just try one thing at a time until its fixed