SpeedFest 2014

2 Weeks to go :slight_smile:


1 week to go + meetin up with Stinky after which should be a noisy riot :eek::smiley:

Mate!!! It was really nice to meet you and yours yesterday! And I hope you all got back safely? It was a nice drive down for me to Brands Hatch, specially going through the 1.1mile Black wall tunnel! My journey home was not so great, the above mentioned tunnel was the scene of an accident & it took me an hour & 3/4’s just to get to the tunnel, once in the tunnel I was able to bring the tunnel alive with the sound of the K5’s. I had to laugh as there was a flashy sports convertible car in the next lane and he sat back in the outside lane, a good 10 car lengths and had his hazards flashing and would not get any closer and then once outta the tunnel he went past with his hands cupped over his ears!

And sooooooooooooooo did we have a blast or what??? I am looking forward to the video your wife took, I will upload mine later this evening :slight_smile:

And for anyone else viewing this thread, I was able to look at the UK-z28 RV’s Horn installation etc etc etc and was really impressed mate!

Have fun with the 100w HB PA;):smiley:

Maybe we could all meet up sometime at Santa pod or something, I’ll bring the old trailer tent and family along as well?

Pete we all had a really wicked weekend the weather was spot on + good racing ,sweet cars trucks etc everywhere and the icing on the cake was meeting you and having a blast in the campsite :cool::D:cool:

We got home safe n sound just seemed to take ages to get home

Thats funny about the guy in the vert i bet he got home an ebayed ear defenders lol

Thanks for the kind words for my install yours is spot on too love the control panel !!!

As for The PA system ive kept it as a non perminent fixture so i can put it it any vehicle in under 2mins and yeah ive already peeed the neighbours off :smiley:

Just remem santapod :cool::slight_smile:

I can’t wait for Santa pod now! It’s a date mate!

I finally found my camera in the map pocket behind my drivers seat, quite possibly posted there by my little daughter!

Stu, I tried to embed the link, but I think I need to do it from my laptop and not on my Ipad! :frowning:

Anyway, here is my version of the Double K5’s



I think it’s cool that you guys were able to meet up.
I wish we could get something going in the middle of the US.

Or at least regional meetups. Not many folks here in Idaho with horns.