Sport bike salesman

I was at the local bike shop and i was in the servic dep waiting on my buddies bike to get done… i went back out side and sat on mine waiting for him to come out of the service gate with his… while waiting a salesman came out side and was very instistant on what the tank under my tail end was. he was asking why have a tank, we can tell ur bike is normally asperated whats the tank for?. so i told him my horn! flipped my key on and gave him a good blast! he was standing near the bike so i know he felt the vibrations in his chest like i feal everytime i honk. and he jump like a olympic hurdeler. then he was all HOLY cow! so you have a switch for your stock horn and that one? i said nope and blasted him again and he jumped agian by the secound last i had all the staff and customers in the joint glued to the front windows luaghing at the partner jumping it was great!


haha the wonders of horns

haha thats awesome!



thats awesome

lmao aahah

haha you need a video camera on your bike like we mount on our race car lol