I will be the first to post in here and start out with telling you all that I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman. I recently got back from Saskatchewan Canada on a Black Bear hunt. My story is to be posted on the Buckmasters Website sometime next week. Here is a pic of myself and my 300lb bear.


Well, Im no hunter… but hear it is alot of fun.

Myself and my wife roadrace motorcycles for fun. We are instructors at JenningsGP race track.

Here is my 2005 Ohio Buck which scored 165". I am on an Outdoor TV ProStaff and this hunt was filmed ans aired on our local Outdoor TV Show. I am soon to become a Mossy Oak ProStaff Member for West Virginia Region.

Here is a potential Ohio State Record Buck and possible one of the top 10 Whitetails in the World. This deer was photographed 2 years ago and should be a World Class Buck by now, and if I am fortunate enough to havest him this season, I will make enough royalties off him to buy all of us a set of K5LA’s…lol…

Here is me and my buddy Mike Beatty from Ohio who shot this deer a few years ago. This deer is the largest buck ever harvest by a hunter in the world and the #1 Non-Typical Ohio State Record.

Here is another one of my hunting buddies and personal bear guide from Saskatchewan Canada. Blaine harvested this buck in 2006 and it made the cover of Buckmasters magazine. This deer is currently ranked #12 in the world.

Here is Mike Beatty (Right) with Brad Jerman (Left) - Brad Jerman harvested this huge buck in Ohio as well and is the #1 Ohio Typical State Record and the largest whitetail ever harvested by a Crossbow in the world.

God, that’s a lot of death.

I’m not slamming you for what you do - but I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing I took lives.

Do you at least eat the bear meat?
I’m sure that the deer makes good food… so I understand that part.

Sorry - I’m a pro-animal type person - wild or domesticated.

Repeating this part: “I’m not slamming you for what you do -”

God put the creatures on earth for us to eat. Yes, we eat everything we harvest. Without proper game managment, wildlife would no be what it is today. If animals were not harvested, they would die of starvation, over population and disease. Its a proven fact, but I dont want to get into any heated debates over the ethics of hunting on this forum, thats why I am on many hunting forum to carry on these types of conversations. I take no offense in people saying that they dont think its right to hunt, its their choice.

Sorry - I’m a pro-animal type person - wild or domesticated

I am pro-animals as well, thats why I respect them enough to help keep their numbers in check, you need proper game managment to insure wildlife conservation. Its our god given right to hunt and I chose my right to hunt. I respect wildlife and manage my property accordingly. I am an ethical hunter and a conservationalist. I respect the land and the animals that god gave us. I do not kill every animal that walks, nor do I shoot them and leave them lay, like some so called sportsman. I guess its hard to explain to a non-hunter. Its just like me being a baptist by religion and trying to explain to a buhdist that god died on the cross for our sins…it can go on and on, one cannot change ones beliefs when they are set in their ways.

I wont post anymore hunting pics on this forum

I am sorry if I offended anyone

Honestly, as long as you eat what you take - that’s good enough for me. I just have a hard time seeing things like this. I fully realize that keeping game in check is good for the breed as well as those that seek to conserve them.

I wasn’t saying anything at all against you. In fact, I applaud you for hunting in an ethical fashion.

I’m sorry that you felt you had to apologize. That wasn’t my intention whatsoever.

I’m with you on the Baptist/Buddhist explanation. My wife and I are of VERY different religious backgrounds, yet we find common ground always. I’m the Christian, she is not.

Common ground is the basis on which friendships are built and strengthened.

i agree with the both of you. Great hunting, wish I had them that big here in Florida. Lance. I also agree, as long as you eat it and take proper conservation measures. it is a great sport. I do it myself and enjoy every moment.

Did you kill this bear with a bow if so your my hero. If not still very nice. I will be looking for the K5LA’s on the UPS truck if you kill that huge buck.

Did you kill this bear with a bow if so your my hero. If not still very nice. I will be looking for the K5LA’s on the UPS truck if you kill that huge buck.

Actually I harvested this bear with a rifle. Noone in camp out of 8 guys harvest a bear with a bow during the first 2 weeks of season. There were about 4 guys who took their bows afield and went out the next day with a borrowed rifle, everyone in camp harvested a bear. Spring season was tough this year and for guys to fork out that kind on money, they want to take something back with them. We booked our hunt with them next spring again and I am going to take my Fred Bear recurve with my vintage Bear broadheads.

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