Springfield, IL

Garrett from hornblasters told me about this forum today, so I went ahead and joined. I’ve had my conductor’s special on my truck for two years. I run 1/2" airline up to a 3/8" SMC valve then the splitter with the stock 7/16" airline (or whatever size they come with) at 110-145 psi. They’re down-firing between the core support and grille. I’ve got them wired to an unused button I had on my key fob too.

Just recently I plowed a racoon and cracked one of my chimes. It took out one of my “billet” grilles I had made for my bumper too. But it’s all fixed now and my new horn is on its way.

This picture is before I made the grilles for my bumper. You can see one of my horns to the right of the license plate.

I like shiney.

Here’s a couple drag videos, the second one has horns:



great lookin truck! horns sound awesome! love the sparks too!!


I forgot to add that I bought my girl a ring and she bought me train horns. Keeper.

Nice truck! I love zq8’s and welcome (even though I’m new too lol)

Wow yea that girl is a keeper… Umm hrm… LOL is she the one who posted the thread on s10forum about getting her bf horns?? lol

Nah, she knew what I wanted and where to get them. She’s pretty good about it. The Christmas after she got the horns, she got my steering wheel. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome and nice looking truck… Congrats on the ring and horns from your girl… My wife loves blowing my horns just as much as I do if not more. LOL

Welcome! and sweet truck!!