Sprint HTC EVO 4G

Does anyone know of a website where i can get new phones for a good price. I tried ebay but didnt see anything good. Im looking at the sprint htc evo 4g?

try amazon… or wirefly i think

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i usually buy through wirefly but buying directly from sprint is the same cost now. I recommend the innocase rugged for your evo too, i dropped mine 1 story and it was ok!

@carramerod - you’re from the same place as the guy who just ate his 25,000th Big Mac! You must be proud! LOL

How fat is that guy? Damn 25k …bet he weighs that much

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Oh yes very proud(JK)…He is actually a customer of mine. Super tall and VERY skinny. He is very odd but super nice.

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Scaredu - I watched an interview with him, like carramerod said he’s skinny. The guy said his cholesterol level is good too! Wow

But I bet he’s full of poop tho…lol

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