SS line to compresser

I see places where it says you need the SS line from the compresser to the tank instead of a made line, why is this important?

paul are you talking bout the airline from the compressor to the tank? if so cause the end fiting has a one way check valve in it. to keep your tank from trying to go against the compressor .:cool:

its not just the check valve you can always add a check valve the hose from the compressor to the tank needs to withstand heat when you compress air it builds up extreme heat the stainless is more of a saftey precaution incase the line burst

What he said, Air gets hot when compressed and cold when decompressed.

ok, the reason I was asking is because I found a very nice mounting location on the bottom of my F350 6’ bed. I don’t use a spare tire so I have PLENTY of room under there, what my fear is, is the weather, rain, snow cold, etc. I was checking out some of the installs off and I see the pickups with the compressors inside the frame rails and buried under the bed. My K3 should be here this week, once that comes I still have to get a 1/2" solenoid and fabricate some brackets. My dad knows how to weld and has a nice mig. I might end up removing my front bumper and see if I can squeeze the set of K3s behind it. Wish me luck.

good luck gettin those k3s behind ur front bumper… show some pics if u do

Its okay to run DOT line from the compressor to the tank - as long as you run the line from the end of the stainless steel braided leader hose WITH the check valve in place. This is as simple as adding a female fitting with a push-to-connect for your airline size at the end of the leader hose.

Don’t forget the Loctite 545 !!!


“Just say no” to teflon tape!

blah teflon is fin if you know how to use it and not wrap it over the end of the hole

I hate using teflon tape! It’s fine for 100psi. or lower. I use Loctite on all my pipe fittings, cheap insurance againts leaks.