Started the 2nd install - 08 honda civic

Girlfiend always has issues with people merging into her or cutting her off. She has been hinting at taking the shockers from my truck so i gave her a starter set of her own. Will finish the install later tomorrow (today now). Got too tired.

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Nice and hidden! She should be happy.

Maor! Front end is done and now for the command center and tank install. Damn my ocd and making everything perfect.

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Finished up the install today although I need to replace the fitting on the horns and tank since I am using a larger hose than came with the kit, it wont stay on the current fittings.

Also, I was too whooped to mount the tank today so we are going to take care of that tuesday. Once done we will take her out for some test honking and upload some videos.

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Really nice installation!!! I’m sure she’s going to love them!!:smiley:

OCD can be a good thing when the results are a nice install like that

Thanks y’all. Got a couple finishing touches to do before she’ll work but it definitely was a fun install. Can’t believe my g/f let me tear apart her beloved car. She was a great sport and super excited to see the final turnout of it except when the air line on the tank blew off on the initial charge and scared both of us. Parts are in and it’ll get fixed tomorrow when she gets home.

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Test went great and she is hooked hehe

The first link didn’t work for me, but I went to your channel.
That caboose seems pretty loud!

Sorry about that. I forgot the h in https. face palm she loveds them and cant wait till someone cuts her off again. :slight_smile:
I will get some drive by shots for comparison.

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Sounds good, I’m sure she’ll have fun with them!!!:slight_smile:

The squeal your gf lets out after the initial honk is priceless!

Yeah, she was pretty surprised. She still loves them but eventually wants to upgrade as we all do. :slight_smile:

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