-= Sticker =-

Hey we got a few stickers in the other day and we wanted to make sure the mods got a hand ful each. If you can please PM me the address you would like them shipped to I will go ahead and get them out for you this week :wink:

:confused: ^^^ Red x - maybe cause I’m at work…:confused:

PM sent


Got some heading your way! Anyone else?

You have a pm! Thanx for thinking of us mods! :slight_smile:

Thanks man!
pm sent

let the sticker bombing commence!

Hey Rigo, me, me, me, I want.:smiley: Will you ship to the UK or have you slipped some in the two boxes that are wending their ways across the pond to me as we speak?:smiley:

No Problem Guys! enjoy!

Pete, We did include some in your order. But not an extra batch. Sorry I didnt think of it sooner. We’ll get you the next time around for sure! :wink:

Lol… ok Rigo, no probs, slip a handful in with the next stuff you send me out;)

Got em and they look great, Thanks Rigo!

Ditto - thanks a lot! I like em - just gotta find a few strategic spots to put em.
I appreciate it Rigo.

Received mine also! Thanx again!

My dad wants one for his window, lol. I told him he has to buy a real horn first :wink:

titto. throwing them on campus when school starts back.

Glad you guys are enjoying them :wink:

Thanks Rigo, the Stickers are cool:D