Still have a squeal noise

I am still having a squeal noise form my horns,I have a water trap of course it doesnt catch it all,it seems like during the day they work better and at night they squeal like the biggest deepest sounding horn isnt working.I was told by HB to run water through them but im not sure how to do that.I also still havent gotten a chance to unhook the horns and check the airline for clogs,I can tap the horns a few times and they seem to clear up and sound really good but then shortly after they mess up again,they are really high pitched when they mess up.Ive got teflon tape on the fittings on the horns and was told that can get clogged in there,Do I need any sealant on the fittings on the horns themselves? I should take all the teflon off and use loctite but im not sure that i even need any sealant on the horn fittings.How should I go about running water through them? can i spray wd-40 in the opening where the airline goes? that MIGHT work but I dont know,if I cannot figure this out I need to find out which horn is causing the problem and maybe send it in for another? alright well thanks in advance!!:confused:

what kind of horns do u have?

The 4pc kit the black ones.

Sounds to me like a diaphragm problem in the horns… On my old set of horns (siege - 3pc) the diaphragms would wear out very quick , especially at the 200 psi i was running them at.

What psi are you running ?

I’d be willing to bet if you called up hornblasters and got some replacement diaphragms it would cure the prob.

Im running a 110/145 psi switch so im running max 145 psi,when i first got them it didnt happen but after about 2 months they started doin it,how do i replace the diaphragms? are they gonna charge me for them? how can i determine if its the diaphragms?

take the back caps off the horns and clean them very well. if theres any creases in them you need to replace them as that is whats messing up the sound. When i had this prob w/ my old set i use to jsut call up siege and they sent them out to me since it was an issue they had w/ there horns i guess… i ended up replacing mine 3 times in the period of 6 months or so i owned em… but i ran those at 200 psi so they were beat up easy and i use to blast that horn all the time when i drove… i grew up a little since then, but still have fun. lol

call up hornblasters. Even if you gotta pay for em i bet its cheap but you may get lucky w/ em , i cant speak for them.

if i take the back caps off wont i have to reseal them? what do i seal them with? if anything from the lines got inside them it would be behind those black caps right?

you could seal it back with silicone gasket sealer from autosone but i’m sure opening them up might be at your own risk…

give Hornblasters a call those horns have a lifetime warranty and will be warrantied so long as you dont take them apart. so please contact 1-877-209-8179 and have an RMA generated for your return