Stinky now has Shockers!!!

:smiley: oh yeah oh yeah… I now have a set of SHOCKERS (care, kindly of Jelle) Cheers mate… cant wait to get these on the truck, but are going to be mounted away under the truck or at the front behind the grill, if they will fit!!!:confused: I miss my old Shockers, I love the K3’s, but I also love the the lower tone of the S4’s…

Nice! Stink it up!

Dont worry its Stinking mate!!;)…

these shockers have blown ganja smoke, pretty sure that when my car was filled up with smoke from my splifffffs the compressor has sucked up some ganja smoke lulz

cheers Stink! Have fun, thanks for business

They are lying beside me in bed as we speak… I’m sniffing them now…:wink:

Haha. that would be awesome to see.