Stinky on a Railway crossing......

Ok, so it’s fireworks night, hence the fireworks in the sky. I am sat at a level crossing and… Watch the people running on the left of the picture & the car in front of me that does not cross, even after I have gone across and passed it.

I did cross this same crossing earlier that evening & my dad was in the car in front, just as he was about to cross, I hit the Horns & the van in front of him slammed on his brakes & my dad nearly piled into the rear end of the van…:smiley:

What’s going on with the audio on that one Stinky? Sounds like a Moose trying to pass wind :smiley:

DeeBee, hahaha I never even noticed until you said that!, I blame it on my iphone camera… Plus I had the windows up, coz it was cold that night… After I read what you put, I blew the shockers just to make sure they weren’t sounding weird lol

I thought he was talking about your music.
Can’t blame that on the camera!

Nice music you had there :smiley: loved it! :smiley:

Hahaha, I had been watching a Horror film on the in car DVD player earlier and the music was from the start menu of the DVD!