"stinkypete" new ride!!!

guys i just found out that this is the car stinky bought!!!

I’ve heard people but motorcycle engines in those things and they FLY. not literally, but you know…they beat lambos and stuff

I know what Stinky bought…

Ok so I aint been on as much just purely coz I been a busy boy…

My CAR IS SOLD!!! With the Horns… Basically I bought the car for £400 & have just sold it back to the woman I bought it off for £2700!!

But… there is a sting in the tail… I now have no Horns…:frowning:

And Due to a bit of extra cash I’ve had to lay out on top for the new Stinky mobile, I cant buy any just yet…:mad:

So to say I’m gutted is an under statement!!!..

Originally the deal woz such that i would have £2000 cash spare, but for one reason or another the deal went a bit tits up, so i settled for £2700…

If anyone has any K3’s going spare & tank & compressor etc… let me know… I’m gonna miss my horns so badly!!! I now dont OWN the loudest Horned MR2 in the UK!!! Totally gutted.

I’ll post some pics up if and when i pick the new wheels up!!! Wot I will say is it sits on 20" Rims…lol And has plenty of space for big horns…


Me too!!!

what did he boguth???

I don’t think he wants me to say…but I will admit its nice!! and I know you’ll like it

well lets see pics now damnit!!!

hahahahahaha I love you chaps!.. Well I’m going to see it in the morning…

And here it is, Very different to wot I’m used to! LOL

Oh and how Ironic…??? The Horn dont work! LOL

Yay we have another Mini-Trucker!! Welcome to the club Stinky!! Now get some horns on that thing quick!

wow stinky now thats a nice ride!!!

Thats awesome Stinky! Let us know if you need parts to lay that bad boy on the ground we do sell air bags parts too :wink:

Mate, it is bagged at the back, but fairly basic… Me have spent all my reserves now… need to get some Horns desperate…


Cut some step notches and stock floor body drop that bad boy!

chop the top… MAKE IT A CONVERTIBLE… lol

thats a sick truck man!