Stinkys first Mag picture

I got my truck and horns in a big BANZAI Magazine!!

Probably means nothing to you guys, but within the Jap Car Scene over here, Banzai mag, is kinda like the daddy.

Anyway, I know the pic is only a little small one, but you can clearly see the K3’s (oh & some skank called milster sitting in my truck stealing my thunder!) lol lol

Congrats on the picture! That’s awesome! Now tell milster to get out your ride!

Nice work Stinky. I wann be in a mag. lol.

awesome stinky… being in a magazine is always cool, even if it isn’t for your ride/horns :slight_smile:

thats great stinky congrats!

lol is that the girl you’re referring to that called milster in the mag pic too? haha
congrats on getting your truck noticed. very kewl

Milster is the Skank sitting in my truck lol lol… talking to mrs Milster, standing up…

And I’m hoping this is just the start of it… the last show we did, the truck and Horns got photographed bid time!!!

Its just nice to see my truck in Banzai, some of my Car club mates have nicer cars than mine and they have not had their pic in Banzai!

Thanks for all your congrats, but I never done anything except fit some really cool Horns in my ride:D.

Stinky, Congrats! That’s awesome man! Your truck looks good!

Thanks Matt… thats you baby… be proud dude!

where is the picture? i’m too late to see it…

Huh??? thats odd…I will go check it out… how ya doing crusty? long time no hear?

Thats really weird?? why did they pull that picture??

Heres one taken by a mate of mine!

opps…my fault I moved it to a seperate album! lol

here it is

Thats cool you got in the magazine, Ive always wanted my truck to be in one buts still too stock.

yeah - very cool. a friend of mine is in great britain at the time. i told him to look for this pickup… i am in conference with germanhornblast to get some real trainhorns. till this i have to play with my truck horn =)

Your day will come:D

love your truck
man the pics are cool congrads sir
keep it up

Thank you matey :slight_smile: