Stinkys near miss.....dash cam!

A few months back, this happened to me. Watch closely, the first vehicle around the bend is a police van.

Ohhhhh and for those of you that don’t have time to watch the full video, skip to 1.40secs I think it is. And for those of you that do, enjoy the architecture and fauna as I reverse. (Also, the top floor (penthouse)of the building is where Craig David used to live before he moved to the states.)

No Hornage was used in the making of this video! Happened to fast!


I forgot to mention there may be some bad language used!

Here’s a few close ups!

DAMN Stinky… that’s as close as you’d want to get! Stupid bugger was probably on the phone texting or something. :mad:

Don’t you just hate it - happens so quick you can’t even unleash on the train horns.

I know mate! After the event I thought about… Had I done them then the chances are the police van would have looked back in his mirrors and nicked the bloke for careless driving!
I still drive around looking out for this van, in the hope I can give him my laundry bill for my underware!:smiley:

15 seconds into your video – what is all that racket I hear in the cab? Sounds like you’ve got a lawn mower in there…

Hahaha keep watching and a man with a lawn mower appears lol lol

Loudest lawnmower, ever!

I thought that daisy was doing the reversing at the start of yer vid lol. Either that or it was rolling on its own :stuck_out_tongue:
That was about as close as it can get hey mate :eek:

:eek:Hahahaha you cheeky git!

I captured a great one today, a woman jumped the lights as I pulled round, I gave the K5’s a cheeky blast and then heard a group of girls screaming and caught it on camera… I will get it loaded up ASAP :smiley:

you got it uploaded? :smiley:

Yes mate, I thought I had put it on here. If ever in doubt have a cheeky look through my vids on my YouTube account.

Here it is, when played in slow motion the girls faces are a picture! Lol

Here’s a screen shot lol lol

Scream little girls, scream!! Pretty good video quality too.