Stinkys Nemo K5 install.

Hellooooooooooo!!! I’m still around, we have finally just moved to a new house, out of London now, so I have been busy doing the old house up to sell & moving into the new house.
I have done a few installs since being at the new house. One of which was on my daughters brand new Corsa. I’ll whack some pics up in a different thread.:smiley:

Ok, so since moving I have had to buy something a little more economical as I still drive into work everyday in London (about 30miles away)
I bought a little white 1.4 diesel Citreon Nemo van, which returns about 45-50mpg.
My 4x4 L200 is now parked on the 2nd drive we have at the side of the house & rarely gets used, so I decided to take the shockers & K5’s off it and some how get them on the Nemo.
First challenge was where to mount them & how. I took the spare wheel from under the van & that left a perfect place for them.

Ahhhh… Stinky ol’ boy. Nice to see you see you back on deck.

Nemo van hey? … Oh well, it may suffer on the horsepower stakes but I’m sure that thing will be the meanest little Citroen ever devised once you bolt that gear to it. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

Good show old man!

We need some pic thou, m8 … would be nice to see the K5 on that wee lil van.


Good show, jolly good show,:D:D:D