Stinkys new number plate

I thought I would share this with you, here is my new licence plate/number plate that’s going on the truck, it’s the closest thing available:) I could get to “K5 HORN”, I got it off the wife for my birthday:D:D

K5 HORN was already taken?:mad: DANG! … I guess you could take it for a drive to Scooootland :smiley:

Lol yeah… I used to own K3 OHRN on my old pickup, and K5 OHRN sold ages ago, soooooooo I got the K5 OOOOORN!:slight_smile:

Aww you guys can do so much with your plates.

Bryan, ha ha technically we can’t :frowning: though the plate is legal and will be registered to my vehicle, adding all the other paraphernalia like the “” etc etc is not standard & deemed illegal, they are really show plates, so I will have another set of completely legal plates made up just in case I attract the attention of the boys in blue :slight_smile: