Stinkys not so near miss......

Ok, so I know I have been a bit quiet lately, we’re hoping to sell up & move out of London to get my little daughter Daisy into a nice countryside school, which in turn means I am working all hours to get money to finish all them silly jobs outstanding at home, plus fitting a kitchen & finishing the bathroom.

Anyway… I was on the way home in the dead of night the other week after finishing off a jobs now a office, when this happened.

The first thing the guy says to me is “Why did you jump the red light?” To which I replied I did not, then an independent witness said, “Sorry mate, I was in the car behind him & I saw you jump the red light!”
I protested my innocence & I told him I would look at the footage on my dash cam when I got home & that would prove I did not jump the red.
I left the scene after exchanging numbers etc etc & as I drove slowly home, I began to have doubts that even though I was sure I did not jump the red, there was a chance I had seen a filter light to filter the traffic turning left.
To my absolute relief & delight, I played the footage when I got home & quiet clearly I did in fact go through on the green, it was only after the impact that the lights changed to Amber & then red!
The guy had failed to give way to the on coming traffic & I had him bang to rights!!
I was so lucky the camera caught it all, there were 4 people in his car & a witness saying I was in the wrong, I could have been taken to the cleaners for whiplash blah blah blah.
His insurance company rang me the following day to say after seeing the footage he had admitted full liability for the accident:D
My truck believe it or not suffered a small dent on the back passenger door & some scratches, whilst his car lost the whole front end & was deemed a write off!
It all happened so fast, I never got to unleash the beasts!
If you don’t have a dash cam, go out & get one!


You clearly had the right of way and the light turned yellow after he hit you. Bikers learned that lesson a long time ago because I see a lot of helmet cams.

Yeah what an idiot.! He should’ve seen you coming anyway and turned away if he wasn’t half asleep at the wheel.

Great example of why dash cam’s are a must-have item these days.