Stinkys works van....fitted with horns!

Hey guys & gals,

Thought i’d just share this with you, its what I drive around London in, its nothing exciting lust a LPG powered Ford Connect Tranny.
But with the Olympics coming up & the potential for some serious Hornblasting and hopefully a bit of advertising for both HornBlasters & my website, I did this to my van.

Its only fitted with a little 228vx kit with an extra 2gal tank in the cab, but its still the dogs B’s for sound!!! I have got this on a manual valve in the cab and is so much more fun, you can do short sharp blasts or just build up the noise slowly…wicked & groovy!:D:D


The Horns are just mounted under the bonnet & all facing downwards:D

It’s early and you already made my day! That’s just awesome.
Love the “I’m a Hornstar”


Nice van, plenty of advertisement on that thing lol

:smiley: Thanks, Glad you like it! Never have I enjoyed driving to & fro from work as I do now!

I am gonna be in & around London for the Olympics, the world will be my Lobster, so many people to Hornblast & so little time! lol lol:D

Go bust up those cab drivers causing the traffic jam!