stupid people

well i was at work today remodeling deli in a gas station and my truck got its cherry popped! some crazy dumb donkey drunk elderly ***** comes and rolls through the 3 parking spots beside me and nails the poop outta my drivers side door…GREAT!!! the one truck have owned that I’ve tried to keep from getting hit now has lost its virginity! then to find out when the cop get there that she has a expired license and NO insurance… of COURSE NOT!!! well until i find out if my insurance is going to be able to collect from her to pay for it… thanks to my deductible, there goes my savings for my drop kit!

damn man… that blows hard…in these times it really sucks…

Wait… you have to pay your deductible? You where not moving, correct? I’m pretty sure if you where stopped and she completely hit you, your 100% not at fault regardless of her driver’s license/insurance situation. At least that’s how it is here…
BTW: Poor truck, THAT SUCKS!

i have to pay it until they can collect from which will prolly not happen because she lives in the dirt poorest side of town and has no job either and this was on private property in a parking lot not on a city street so there is no police report

ur gonna have to sue her donkey…that fukin sucks…

that sucks travis! good luck with it all bro hope it all works it self out!

that suks man post some pics of said damage

  1. Why is there no police report? The fact that it happened on private property shouldn’t be relevant, a report should still be filed?

  2. If she was driving without insurance/license, she has broken at least 2 laws?

  3. If the damage to your vehicle is significant (>$1,000) which sounds likely from what you’ve described, you should at least talk to an attorney about what your rights are and how you might go after her in court. She may or may not have assets.

  4. Good luck man.

in alabama there is no police report filed unless your on a public street and is up to our insurance companys to work it out, but since she has no insurance my insurance company will try to collect or take her to court

she did break 2 laws and was ticketed on the scene

and the damage is about $650 but may be more because they are talking popping the dent out and useing body filler, i dont want no damn body filler i want at least a new door skin.

and my insurance is going to pay for it for now but until they can sue her or collect from her i have to pay the $250 deductible up front

I feel dirty driving a dented truck blaah makes me feel like one of these ghetto fucks around here driving a primered out caprice

I know what you mean man, I changed a burnt out light bulb on my truck today it really embarrassed me to drive around with a burnt out light bulb on my truck…

same here i cant stand burnt bulbs ll i have amber marker lights right under my headlisghts kinda pointless since they took them off on the 07 rams anyway they kept burning out so i took them both out and said screw it and my dad is driving me crazy driving around in his chevy with one of his daytime driving lights burned out lol

You guys have daytime running lights down there? I thought they didn’t have them in the US. Also I have a blown bearing in my transmission that I’m really self conscious about so if I let the clutch out it wines a little… the clutch pedal is ALWAYS down unless I’m moving and then my exhaust drowns out the horrible wine… gotta fix that soon…

whats wrong with a primered out caprice?
lmao jk
ive had 2 incidents where lifted trucks have hit me
well good luck with it man

man that’s a crying shame! so hard to keep something nice these days cause it seems like some smuck is targeting you for destruction somehow! did your insurance talk to you about the door skin replacement? demand it ! don’t let em talk you into anything less. you pay premium prices for insurance don’t let them low ball you on the fix! DAMN WOMEN DRIVERS! :mad:

no i took it to get an estimate and of course the do it the cheep way i will be going back for an estimate for the door skin i got to thinking about it after i had got the estimate that my dad had the same kind of hit on his truck and they put a new skin on it

Yeah I know when I got hit the ladies insurance (progressive) tried to tell me they were going to use used parts to affect the repair, because of the mileage on my truck,needless to say they got the riot act read to them & all oem toyota replacement parts were used, all $4500.00 's worth. :smiley:

so then Wednesday i get my truck back looks ok untill i go home thursday and start cleaning it and notice THE SCRATCHED MY TINT!!! took it back today and he said they will reimburse me to have them re tinted so justgot back from that… did limo up front so i’m dark all the way around now =D

bump. thats tight