Superbowl in Tampa

I was watching sportscenter and saw the guys outside talking about the teams. I thought with so many of you there I would have heard one of you blow your horns in the background.

Come on guys, this is your chance to heard on national TV.

I kno im going out there… lol we are having the superbowl experiance thing down her and man oh man have i been out there after work honking lol theres cops on every damn corner tho

Uh oh…I might have to go down town with my horn and PA. What do you think?

I’ll be listening!

thats true, I was watching that yesterday…haha damn I want to go there and try:eek:

like 8 minutes up the road for me! 4 miles away!

didn’t hear any horns yesterday. does anyone know when and where they record that part of the show?

Idk we are trying to look it up. We have a DJ friend for a local radio station with the hornblasters truck at Raymond James Stadium to advertise for us.

DAMN thats tight lol

Great idea!

congratz pittsburgh, sorry arizona, but you both payed one heck of a game!

good game!!!

steelers! wooooooo!!!

Was it just me or did the refs seem sorta bias towards the stealers? idk did anyone go blasting?

no bias…steelers had SO many flags against them. Great game IMO, I really started going for the steelers and even though I thought the card’s had it, steelers pulled it out and steched those last 2 minutes amazingggly:D

no blasting for me… way too many jack and diets!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lol towards the end it sorta evened out with the flags. It was just like all cards flags and then all stealers. oh well, It was a good game

A good super bowl, but a great 4th quarter. I was left wondering if AZ went hurry up sooner in the game, would the outcome be different?

Nonetheless Warner executed a great come back for his team to take the lead. And Roethlisberger also executed a great come back on the go ahead to Santonio Holmes to win it.

yes, that was a spectacular catch on Holmes part and it got him the MVP.

never mind all the hookers that flock to the superbowl… Whos looking out for the hookers?