The Steelers are looking strong again so do you think they’ll win it again? Can the Saints beat them because they look awesome right now?

I’m pulling for the Chargers, as usual, and they looked like a contender last week against the Giants but they’ll have to get a lot better to beat Pittsburg or New Orleans.

My heart will always go for the Bengals… lol OCHO CINCO Bring us a ring.

they’re looking good this year too!

we all know pittsburgh is gonna put it too em again… pittsburgh FTW!!

I want to see the Chargers and Cowboys with the Chargers winning in this year’s Super Bowl.

Who do you want to see play and win?

Thanks Nate Kaeding who was mister reliable for the Chargers during the season but went 0 for 3 in field goals yesterday.:mad:

Now I hope either the Vikings or Saints win.

Congratz Saints!

and the commercials were lame… i only liked the doritos one

The Ninja one, and the Guy who went over to the chicks house and the kid smacked him. were the best ones

yes! lol the kid smacking that guy. that was the dorito one hahah

I liked the dorito one with dog and shock collar too.

Who do you think will win this year - Steelers, Jets, Bears, or Packers?


I’m just here for the tri-tip & beer!

Doesnt matter to me, my team is out, but I think Jets or Steelers will win…

My team is out too so I don’t care either. I’m pulling for whichever team that hasn’t won it in the longest time.

thats prolly the jets…

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Daaaaaaaa Bears.