Tampa folks

lets set up some kind of meet in tampa or somewhere close to it.so we can show off our horn set ups or something.meet the forum members???

… sounds fun… one big scare fest!

im over in west palm beach but i travel to tampa sometimes


I am down, I am in Orlando.

I’ve been to Orlando a few times. Seems like a nice place but my trips have always been when the love bugs were around, what a nuisance.

looks like ill be in tampa tues-sat for new years, PM me if any tampa guys wanna meet up

where ya gonna be in tampa???

in riverview but ill drive anywhere in tampa, its the same size as west palm lol

me and slo hatch our down by macdill afb like 20 minutes from riverview, we’ll have to talk him into an 11k bell scare fest

haha that would be awesome what day u guys wanna meet up?

not sure, let me see if he’s down and we’ll see whats goin on then…

IM down i live close to curtis and slo hatch

im leaving west palm midday tomorrow ill PM Curtis my number
also if anyone knows any weekly car shows hit me up, over here in WPB we have a weekly car show friday nights

I’ve got the camera!

i got the horns lol

we should meet up at hornblasters! any ideas on the place and day? I’m here in tampa

i say thursday we go filming???

A New Year’s Day scare fest?

any news yet?