Tampa - Starlight Muvico, my first BIG kill :)

Was the weekend after slamfest in 2006, I had had my horns installed since the saturday night of slamfest…

I went to see a movie with a chick, and as I approached the theater entrance there was a nice BIIIGGG group of tweens and kids waiting to see movies, makeout, etc etc…

Cops mostly inside the threater, they still had the TPD car parked out front… I made sure to creep slowly, not messing with the suspension I didn’t want to draw interest…

Waited for a group to just pass the front of the truck and hit the button…

Even the workers handing out the movie tickets jumped and screamed, i think i got about 30-40 people at that moment

YEs, Hornblasters rules.

Halloween Shortly thereafter I had hooked the horns up to my remove for the door poppers

Left the truck parked out in front of the walkway to my door, hid behind my bushes at the front of the house wearing army camo so nobody could see me.

EVERY trick or treater that looked older than 10 got a nice blast of the horns…

Scared a few dogs that people were walking, and scared TONS of parents, I think the parents jumped and screamed mroe than the kids.

Ahhhhh, i miss my horns :frowning:

Awesome Stories!!!

I posted this in my intro but Rigo knows where this would be,

at Kingsway and Old Hillsborough road, theres a piece of land that usually has bulls and cows right on the corner

well I was coming up to the stop, and someone that was in a turn lane at the 4 way stop proceeded to quickly dart in front of me, me nearly hitting them

Poor bull was right up against the fence about 8-10 feet from the center of the horn config

I’ve never seen such a big animal jump so high and run so fast, it was hilarious

haha… do u ever drive up to a group of people and just start talkin bout random stuff just to get their attention drawn somewhere else, then in the middle of the convo just blasted it on and drive away…haha!! i love doin that…

Holloween is just about a little over 90 days away… tme 2 blast.

too bad everyone in my neighborhood knows my truck and these horns…haha…
plus with a k5la, im not just scaring the people walkin to the house, im scarin the entire block…haha

I’m driving up this hairpin curve going uphill and here’s this great big I dunno, Hummer or some such with what looked to be 13" wide tires and he’s hoggin the whole road, lapped over the center line about halfway and actin like “Yes I DO own the whole road” and he’s headin toward [us].

My hand jumped to the horn of its own accord, I don’t think I even had time to think. “BEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEP BEEP BEEP”

My navigator person watched RoadHog slap back into his lane, continued going to the right and practically went off the road. Probably from trying to look behind to see who the horn was.

HAHAHA TS That’ll Teach’em